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Periodontal & Gum Care Services in Spruce Grove

We provide hygiene services to prevent, treat, and manage gingival and periodontal health. We will customize a cleaning and checkup frequency schedule to meet your individual needs. During these cleanings, our team pays close attention to your gums, making sure to remove built-up plaque. When plaque stays on your teeth for too long, it calcifies and becomes tartar. Unfortunately, you cannot remove tartar by brushing and flossing. It requires dental professionals with proper tools and instruments to safely and effectively remove it. That’s where we are happy to help. To schedule your next cleaning, call us today.

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What Is Periodontal Disease?

As previously stated, once plaque builds up and calcifies, it becomes tartar or calculus. Almost everyone develops tartar on their teeth and gums. Traditional brushing and flossing cannot remove it, so it is not your fault that it formed. The calculus causes inflammation of your gums and tooth supporting (periodontal) structures. Additionally, because tartar is porous, bacteria thrives in it. All these factors come together and may lead to periodontal disease. Bone loss may occur, and if left unchecked, may lead to gum infections or tooth loss.

Diagnosing Gum Disease

During periodontal disease screenings, we will use X-rays and a periodontal probe to to evaluate your gingival and periodontal condition. These tools give us the ability to identify, prevent, and treat gum disease. If you notice you have chronic bad breath, swollen, receding, or tender gums, loose teeth, changes in the spaces between your teeth, or bleeding gums during flossing and brushing, you may be on your way to periodontal disease. Do not start worrying just yet, though. During your visit at our Spruce Grove office, we will diagnose your situation and discuss with you about how we should proceed.

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