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Root Canal Therapy in Spruce Grove

Long gone are the days of daunting root canals. The team at Westwind Dental will try to keep you as comfortable as possible during root canal therapy. Proper anesthesia will help minimize pain and discomfort. Even though it deals with removing your tooth’s nerves, root canal therapy is a common procedure that should not scare patients. There are many causes of infection, and their symptoms include pain during eating, hypersensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks, or toothache. If you experience any of these, call Westwind Dental to schedule your appointment. The longer you wait to come into our office, the worse the problem may become.

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Why Do Some Teeth Require Root Canal Therapy?

The nerve in the middle of your tooth maybe become very sensitive or may get infected with bacteria.  The causes may be a deep cavity or filling close to the nerve, an injury or previous trauma, or cracks and fractures.

This usually causes extreme pain, and the affected root, nerves, and tissue need to be removed. Cavities left untreated usually lead to the pulp of the tooth as there is easier access for bacteria to head down into the pulp canal and infect your nerve tissue. During root canal therapy, your dentist will drill down into the root itself and remove the infected tissue. After eradicating the infection, they will disinfect and seal the canal to prevent further infection inside the tooth. Finally, most dentists recommend a crown on top of the tooth for an added layer of protection.

We Keep You as Comfortable as Possible

The team at Westwind Dental go to great lengths to make sure you are comfortable during your time with us. We fully acknowledge that most people do not look forward to going to the dentist. They may be particularly nervous about a root canal appointment. Let us break the mold on negative stereotypes about going to the dentist. If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth, give us a call and book an appointment.

Get the Most out of Your Smile